Slacko 5.3.3 released!

After months of development and a few hiccups on the way Puppy Linux Slacko 5.3.3 is finally released and to mark the occasion I created a new home page. Download links and other useful stuff is there.

I decided to go with a more feminine layout this time as I reckon half the users of Slacko might be female. I have no stats to back that up, purely a hunch! :panda: (yeah, pandas are cute too).

Slacko Screeny


12 thoughts on “Slacko 5.3.3 released!

  1. Love slacko used puppy in various flavors since 2008. Love slacko, would like to see window manager switcher with open box and ice window managers as options with jwm. Nice job. I have 30 years experience in programming and would be available to beta test if you want. I have a dell xps m1210 laptop. It is a bit older but runs slacko very well. Thanks for a good job with the distro. puplet or what ever you want to call it.


    1. Open box, Icewm and the window manager switcher are all available in the desktop section of the PPM. Also, compiz and kde3 (Trinity) packages are available as sfs files from Slickpet.

      Thanks for your feedback, and any support you can offer will be most welcome.



  2. thanks Mr. Micko

    I have tried many puppy puplet such as lucid, wary, racy, macpup, etc, and usually I always fail to play movie in .mkv format (it very slow to run). But with Slacko 5.3.3 it run well, I can play .mkv file in my netbook.



  3. Great !
    I’ve put Slacko on a 2 GB USB pen drive.
    I boot on a Samsung R730 laptop.
    I’m used to work with Ubuntu, almost from the beginning.
    Some years ago I tried Puppy 2 and Puppy 3. I was not convinced at all.
    Now, Slacko 5.3.3 is as easy to use as Ubuntu, but is much much faster.
    I’m quite impressed. :-)) :yes:
    I think I will continue to use Slacko.
    Thanks to you and to the team.

    Marc Wattel


  4. i want to install puppy on my usb drive kingston 1gb. is this enough space or i must use bigger usb drive? thanx for the answer!


  5. Hi suzana

    Yes that should be ok, but be aware that an old 1GB usb drive may be an older version (1.1?) of the USB standard and may be slow to boot. Let me know how you get on.



  6. There is/was an aust gov department that funds social groups. Would it be nice if you could turn your hobby into your paying job. Check it out.


  7. Thanks for the nice distro! I’ve mostly been using *ubuntu and Crunchbang for a few years now and so far I’m charmed by slackopuppy. I’m just disappointed that my 2Gb usb key won’t let me download the SFS needed to compile stuff, which will probably end up with me buying a bigger one, but so far I love Slacko Puppy. Even the pink look was very cute, though I did change the wallpaper after a while πŸ™‚


  8. micko,

    The October 2012 issue of “Linux Format” has two DVDs with about 15 LINUX isos on them.

    One of them is Slacko. It’s described as “Puppy” on the cardboard sleeve.

    I don’t have a time machine, publishers in the UK usually publish magazines a month before their cover date. Linux Format have a Christmas edition as well, so they are effectively publishing them every four weeks. So this time of year we get them two months before the cover date.




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