Google Drive? Not on Linux!

C’mon Google!

Google Drive was announced on the 25th of April, 2012. Right here and now somewhere near the 150th meridian east it is the 24th of July, 2012. Doing the sums in my head that makes it, oh, about three months since the announcement?

Where is Drive for Linux?

Ubuntu One can be run on any Linux, Drop-Box has an app for Linux, I don’t know about Amazon or SkyDrive [ :pig2:]…

Isn’t Android and ChromeOS loosely based on Linux? Is that a fair statement? Well I’m going to make a statement, fair or not!

You have leached of Linux, and with due respect, you have given some stuff back to Linux, but what about Drive? We know you have the resources. You know there are millions of faithful Linux users, many of whom are Google users. We know that many of your developers run your custom flavour of Ubuntu. The Cloud is the future we are told.

What is the problem?

Enter Grive.

Grive Icon
A possible solution

Fortunately, some keen developers have made their own open source command line based solution. Grive.

Even better, for Slacko Puppy Linux users I have made a simple graphical solution called Grive Rox App. It’s just a bash script which depends on gtkdialog (thank you Google code) and ROX-Filer, the file manager by default in Slacko and other Puppy Linux. I’m sure Grive could be made to work with Nautilus, Dolphin or most other graphical file managers.

Comments are most welcome on this topic.


4 thoughts on “Google Drive? Not on Linux!

  1. Hi micko,

    I installed Grive Rox App, but it is uploading everything including the directories Downloads and Choices. What I can do to this app don’t upload irrelevant files?

    P.S.: Congratulations for the app


  2. Hi darkcity

    Well.. Mac OS-X isn’t anything to do with Linux, it’s based on Darwin, more closely related to BSD. All have UNIX roots though.

    I am actually building Chromium OS at the moment, see how much open it really is.. if so there should be some good hints for a smart coder to get the actual Google Drive going on Linux. So far I have got Grive going on Porteus, Slackware and Mageia. I’ll post more info as I refine the processes. It may even make the rox-app redundant as I’m thinking to use a DOTdesktop type file for compatibility with other Linux, makes maintenance easier.

    I find myself using Google Drive a fair bit with my Uni studies. It pays to have the most up to date copies synced to all my devices, especially the way I jump around OSes (Droid included).



  3. Google Drive-apps zijn eigenlijk alleen maar een website die-bestanden laadt in de browser vanaf Google Drive. Ik zat te denken dat, aangezien het belangrijkste project bestand is slechts een XML-document, het zou kunnen worden in een pagina’s DOM boom geladen en weergegeven in de pagina in een leesbaar formaat (Het is hoe de belangrijkste GUI begint dingen, niet?).
    Zoals voor het bewerken van de RTF-Files, Google Drive heeft ook de directe mogelijkheid om RTF-bestanden importeren en exporteren rechtstreeks, zonder te hoeven een apart conversie programma.
    Natuurlijk zou de uitvoer functies veel zorg nodig hebben, maar voor eenvoudige maken en bewerken van de basisstructuur moet netjes uitvoeren.


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