Slacko 5.4 Beta testing

This a call to the adventurous to test Slacko 5.4 beta using Slackware 14.0 binary packages.

Development is being tracked at the Puppy Linux Forum.

Test away!

5 thoughts on “Slacko 5.4 Beta testing

  1. Hi aarf,

    I hope to use a different xorg.conf template for the next version which may fix the touchpad. DId you try flsynclient?
    I’ll look at the firewall_state issue.

    Thanks for the report.



  2. Hi Micko,
    please excuse my english.
    I have problems with a PC and a AMD A8-3820 APM Processor with Radeon (fglrx) Graphics. I can not start in textmode (pfix=nox) because screen will show somewhat like “modern painting”. This means, that there is some initialisation of graphics before exit to prompt.
    So I can not install/initialize the video section.
    Any idea ???
    Thanks for help, Arnold


    1. Hello Arnold,

      Sorry for the lateness of the reply.

      As you will see the stable version is released with fglrx drivers in the repository. To overcome your problem perhaps it is best to boot with the radeon.modeset=0 kernel parameter.




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