Slacko 5.4 Released


That’s right!

Thanks for all who helped test and develop Slacko 5.4

Read more at the Home Page


7 thoughts on “Slacko 5.4 Released

  1. torrent for slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso md5sum=a4b3e0d6a742effcda03350cdc8fa8eb at (cant see that the current one at murga forum will work, it starts but only does a meg or two)
    torrent for devx_slacko_5.4.sfs at
    torrent for slacko-5.4-opera-4g.iso at

    pet and info for mktorrent at so other people can make torrents for their downloads, works in slacko.

    example code:

    mktorrent -a udp://,udp://,,, -c “Puppy Linux Slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso” -w,,, -o slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso.torrent slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso
    (all one line, into a terminal after installing mktorrent pet)


  2. upgrade savefile from slacko5365: “updating the file system ” is happening at every boot. losing all modifications to the desktop icons. all else holds though eg. sfs load config, installed pets.


  3. I’ve been using a USB flash pendrive and YUMI from to try out several Puppies :-)) , but haven’t been able to get slackos to boot 😦 – are there some Slackware-specific boot parameters ?:-) ? For DebIan-based Dpups I have to add [boot=live] and [live-media-path=/multiboot/carolina] :-/ , for example, to my usual [psubok=TRUE] and [psubdir=multiboot/somepup/] :sweat: .


    1. Never mind – guess it’s just the order of boot parameters – initrd’s parsing is, well, primitive. And needs better documentation? :pain:


  4. mostly good, my default boot now.
    unloading sfs fails sometimes and then requires hardshutdown when you do go to reboot.
    encrytped save file both normal and heavy produce a save file ( 512Mb) but on loading it at next boot it has a desktop full of give-way signs with a question mark in the middle. the two apps i tried> screenshot and something else fail to produce as they should. ext3 all the way, if you cant reproduce it i will add more info.


    1. HI aarf

      Hmm…. it seems the first save isn’t saving for encryption, I thought that bug was squashed. What causes it is a failure to remount the save file at first shut down. Might be a bug with the AES module, I’ll look at it. Thanks.


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