Phone scam in Australia – AVG

According to AVG there is a mobile phone scam circulating in Australia.

Have you had any missed calls lately from a phone number that you do not recognise? The natural thing for many to satisfy curiosity is to call the number back. Don’t. 

It is possible that this is a scam call designed to suck your phone credit. The call is redirected to a prefix 190 number which are premium calls. This happens without your consent or knowledge. Immediately, your account is billed at premium rates. Even just dialling the number can attract a steep fee.

For more information read the full article from AVG.

3 thoughts on “Phone scam in Australia – AVG

  1. I’m not surprised about this type of scam. I received a call before and there was an automated message left. It asked me to call back so I did. I got voice prompts and did as instructed. It never really connected me to someone and there were only continuous prompts so I hung up afterwards. It was only when I Googled the phone number later on that I found out from that the call was a trick. The all directed to a premium line and for sure, I was already charged.


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