Slackware 14.1




There you go folks. There is a new slackware out there for your linux enjoyment.

For more info visit .

6 thoughts on “Slackware 14.1

    1. Not just yet, it’s in the pipeline though.

      Hey aarf, email me a decent email addy where I can contact you, then you can have an account, or else join up on the woof mailing list (see recent post).


  1. currently at myopera but that is disappearing early next year some time = March 1, 2014.. i dont check it so often say once or twice a month.


  2. torrent and 4 deltas for slacko-5.6.5 [url][/url]
    it is uploaded to [url][/url] so when its approved you can see the interest.


    1. Hey aarf,

      Tried to send you mail to and it bounced, so obviously doesn’t matter me publicising that! I can’t get in to my opera account as I forgot the PW and the retrieve PW site doesn’t work. Send me an email if you like.

      Thanks for the torrent links!


  3. dont know how that got to be entered wrong.
    have had a look at the git related sites but cant really so much (anything) i can contribute to. perhaps something will popup in future.


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