Slacko 5.7 Released!

After ~original 500 commits and ~45.000 lines of code changes in woof-CE since forking from Barry’s Fossil, the first official woof-CE-based puppy, Slacko-5.7, is out 😀

-mavrothal, Puppy Linux forum, 9th March, 2014

LOL. I agree completely about abiword, plus my interaction with some of the devs was not very pleasant. But, concerning Puppy and productivity, Slacko is so good that I am totally comfortable using it for production in teaching online university courses (I do use Libre Office).

-playdayz (a.k.a Larry Short, Lucid Puppy Developer, from 2010-2012), Puppy Linux forum, 9th March, 2014

What more can I say? Slacko Puppy Linux 5.7 is released! 

Get it from the Slacko Web Site. Everything you need to know is either there or only a click or two from there.

Many thanks to the woof-CE development team (you know who you are  :monkey:). Without you this would not be possible.

Go get it and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Slacko 5.7 Released!

  1. Torrents – many trackers listed, several lost interest quickly, LinuxTracker didn’t recognize (no torrent uploaded there?) – 10 seeders at crest of surge, still 6-8 active.


  2. 570
    frisbee wifi doesn’t reconnect on restart graphical server. so needs right click on tray icon then setup networking then restart networks. not a big issue but its something new that has crept in in recent releases. using this [img][/img] if it makes a difference.
    connects on reboot no problem


  3. My onboard intel graphics is not working So I have to install ATI pci card with just 8 MB display Memory. Slacko puppy 6.3 shows black screen even after giving radeon.modeset=0 command. Moreover pfix=nox not working. Xorgwizard never appears even if I pressed down reset much longer.
    I request you to add pfix=xorgwizard boot option which should force xorgwizard to show. Precise puppy 5.7.1 works fine with my card when mach-64 profie is selected.
    Also many times vesa driver does not work as probed profile is appnded at xorg.conf which takes precedence ?
    Thanking you
    i also request to keep some boot option such as pfix=nopupdesk.flg so that all .flg files should be deleted if somebody wants to start afresh. They are creating problems when quick setup fails for some reason and errors continue.


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