Slacko and Slacko64 are released!

I have the pleasure of announcing 2 new stable releases from the Slacko Puppy Linux family.

Slacko64 6.3.0 and Slacko 6.3.0

Slacko64 is the very first 64 bit official Puppy Linux to be released. I have been running it myself for over 18 months and I have finally brought it up to release status. It has a brand new theme I call “Buntoo”, which is basically an Ubuntu Unity knock off but with Rox Filer, GTK2 and JWM!  😉

Slacko (the 32 bit version) is an upgrade for the last stable release – Slacko 5.7. It has all the same features as Slacko64 but with a different default theme, however the buntoo theme can be applied from a new program called PTheme. Look for it in the menu.

The Slacko 6.3.0 family uses libraries and binaries from the upstream stable Slackware (64)-14.1 so any program built for slackware should run in Slacko as long as dependencies are met.

For more information and download links visit the new Slacko website.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it!


2 thoughts on “Slacko and Slacko64 are released!

  1. Love Puppy.. Barry has done a great job.. Just installed 6.3.0/32 it appears you have kept up the tradition .. I like Slackware, but I’m not in your league. Your PPM is great I wanted something GNUCASH it’s here installed and appears to be working, you made that easy by god. I just wanted to thank you. I’ll put 6.3 on the little netbook. Oh flash player buggered facebook, so shut it off. Who cares anyway. Thank you again hope you dont lose interest.
    John Darlington


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