Android plus Puppy

Recently on the Murga Puppy Forum Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), actually a Microsoft protocol, has been in the news. Since Android 4.0, USB Mass Storage, which is how Androids used to connect with computers in Ginger Bread and below, has been deprecated. The new way to access files on Android devices via USB interface is now with MTP.

can8v (Puppy forum member) has written an application with a daemon to detect and mount MTP devices. I wrote an alternative app that uses the kernel’s udev rules to detect MTP devices and mount them. The term “mount” is used loosely as MTP devices are not block devices like USB sticks, hard drives and other devices but are mounted as fuse filesystems.

I got to thinking though, you may not want to access your Android’s files but use it as a modem instead. Why would you want to do that when you can easily set it up as a wireless access point and connect wirelessly? One word; Battery. Wireless as another service and puts a strain on the already limited battery life of Android smart phones.

To set up USB tethering:

  • plug the device via USB cable into your computer
  • go into “Settings” on your Android
  • under “Wireless & Networks” choose “More..” (may vary for versions, I’m using Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • select “Tethering and portable hotspots”
  • check the “USB Tethering” checkbox
  • Your device should try to get an IP address automatically

That’s it. You should now be able to browse using you’re devices external connection. And, as a neat side benefit, if you’re computer doesn’t have wireless networking and you’re Android is connected to your wireless network, your computer will use that connection!