FatDog Arm Beta 1

James (jamesbond) has released FatDog Arm Beta 1!

After being in the cooker for over two months, I can happily announced the next release of FatdogArm: the Beta1 release.

Release Announcement

Release Notes

FatDog arm is designed to run on ARM CPU supporting ARMv7-A instruction architecture. It is targeted at A10/Mele, A20/Cubieboard2, Odroid-U2/U3, OLPC XO-4 and OLPC XO-1.75 but with a bit of hacking can be adopted to other platforms, providing the CPU is compatible.

I have an Odroid U3 and while it is beta software it runs great. Plenty of software available in the repository too. It uses GSlapt/slapt-get for package management so it is easy to fatten up FatDog Arm.

Test away! (Bug reports here)

Slacko 5.7 Released!

After ~original 500 commits and ~45.000 lines of code changes in woof-CE since forking from Barry’s Fossil, the first official woof-CE-based puppy, Slacko-5.7, is out 😀

-mavrothal, Puppy Linux forum, 9th March, 2014

LOL. I agree completely about abiword, plus my interaction with some of the devs was not very pleasant. But, concerning Puppy and productivity, Slacko is so good that I am totally comfortable using it for production in teaching online university courses (I do use Libre Office).

-playdayz (a.k.a Larry Short, Lucid Puppy Developer, from 2010-2012), Puppy Linux forum, 9th March, 2014

What more can I say? Slacko Puppy Linux 5.7 is released! 

Get it from the Slacko Web Site. Everything you need to know is either there or only a click or two from there.

Many thanks to the woof-CE development team (you know who you are  :monkey:). Without you this would not be possible.

Go get it and enjoy!

Woof-CE now at GitHub

Barry Kauler’s Woof the Puppy Builder lives on after his announced retirement from woof and puppy development. You can find the Woof-CE repository at GitHub. Pretty awesome! Many thanks to George (aka mavrothal) for setting up the repo and making pemasu and myself owners and giving Iguleder commit permissions.

I have created a mailing list for Woof-CE many thanks to Nabble.


Have fun with that!

Announcement: Slacko 5.6 is released!

On August 13, 2013, I hereby announce the release of Slacko Puppy Linux Version 5.6

This is the successor to Slacko 5.5 which was a very successful release. It is still based on the solid binary packages of Slackware 14.0. Coincidentally, 5.5 was released on March 5 this year, my Mum’s birthday. Today happens to be my son’s birthday! Happy birthday Jackson  8-).

There are some great new features including:

  • experimental f2fs support
  • ability to run internet programs as unprivileged user, Spot
  • latest Firefox ESR 17.0.8
  • latest Google Chrome in repo
  • latest OpenOffice 4.0 and LibreOffice 4.1.0 in the SFS Manager
  • latest Skype in the SFS Manager plus much more
  • latest Nvidia and AMD/ATI graphics drivers for new and legacy cards

You can read more about it at the Slacko Home Page.

Enjoy!  :dog:

Slacko- -final beta

Hello folks,

Slacko is soon to enter RC for the -next version. Haven’t decided on a number yet but it looks like I might go with 5.5. Depends on when BarryK releases his next. If I’m before I’ll go 5.4.4. Anyway, only a number.. 😀

If you want to grab it and help out with testing visit the Slacko thread on the Puppy forum.

Have fun!