Here be lace monitors…

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3 thoughts on “About…

  1. Slacko 5.5 — GREAT! Love it.
    Running an eMAchines W3410 (2005) 2MB of RAM, ATi video using 64MB of Ram. 100 GB hard drive, Athelon AMD 3200+ processor.
    Windows-XP was choking on my pc. DVD burner dead. Read only CDs. Burned an *iso disk on a friend’s PC using CDBURNER. booted a live CD and it all worked so i wiped and did a full install. My PC is alive once again. I thank you as I am unemployed at this time and getting by by God and my friends graces. Can’t afford a new Windows 8 PC. Slacko 5.5 is “da bomb”.
    Thanks to you and your team from a very gratful ” ‘po boy”
    Larry Henry :rotfl:


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