Update on Google Drive Client (or lack thereof)

Well, most of us Linux users know that Google have not been forth coming with a Drive client for Linux. Why? Who knows? We’re told.. “It’s in the works”, “We’re working on it”, “Soon..” .. yeah, don’t hold your breath.

Some of the audience may remember my post about this from almost a year ago.

On G+, +steven C has created a G+ community (GoogleDrive4Linux, “ours”, not his :heh: ) and a petition which already has over 3100 signatures (that’s double since yesterday), GoogleDrive4Linux. This follows in the footsteps of +Kev Quirk‘s great work with his petition that amassed over 1800 signatures.


If you are reading this, use, or even like Linux, use or even like any of Google’s services then sign the petition! (link above).

Those of you that read my earlier post may remember Grive.

Grive is a 3rd party application to sync your Google Drive in Linux, command line based. It works well. I made a simple GUI for it using ROX-Filer, but that is very limited. The developers have added a new QT gui to the application, but it does have it’s limitations. For a start, I haven’t figured out how to use it! However it is in it’s infancy so we will leave any judgement on it’s usability and usefulness at the moment.

grive gui
The new Grive QT gui

As time allows, I may investigate this new development further, but really what is needed, is for Google to come to the Linux party and embrace a true Linux client.

Sign up folks and lets make Google listen!

Google Drive? Not on Linux!

C’mon Google!

Google Drive was announced on the 25th of April, 2012. Right here and now somewhere near the 150th meridian east it is the 24th of July, 2012. Doing the sums in my head that makes it, oh, about three months since the announcement?

Where is Drive for Linux?

Ubuntu One can be run on any Linux, Drop-Box has an app for Linux, I don’t know about Amazon or SkyDrive [ :pig2:]…

Isn’t Android and ChromeOS loosely based on Linux? Is that a fair statement? Well I’m going to make a statement, fair or not!

You have leached of Linux, and with due respect, you have given some stuff back to Linux, but what about Drive? We know you have the resources. You know there are millions of faithful Linux users, many of whom are Google users. We know that many of your developers run your custom flavour of Ubuntu. The Cloud is the future we are told.

What is the problem?

Enter Grive.

Grive Icon
A possible solution

Fortunately, some keen developers have made their own open source command line based solution. Grive.

Even better, for Slacko Puppy Linux users I have made a simple graphical solution called Grive Rox App. It’s just a bash script which depends on gtkdialog (thank you Google code) and ROX-Filer, the file manager by default in Slacko and other Puppy Linux. I’m sure Grive could be made to work with Nautilus, Dolphin or most other graphical file managers.

Comments are most welcome on this topic.